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The Democratic Party of Grant County

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Expanding Absentee Voting in Arkansas

Local Issues

In our local issues section we will cover what is happening with local schools, cities and county information for Grant County Citizens. Click on the button below for more information on these areas of interest.


State Issues

State issues will include monitoring bills in the state legislature, certain State Supreme court decisions and interim studies leading to possible legislation. Click on the button below to see specific information.

National Issues

National issues will include what is happening at our nation's capitol and how Arkansas Congressman are voting on these hot button issues. Click below for additional information.

Grant County Democrats

are a group of community minded folks that are working to learn, educate and engage citizens in the political process of our communities, our state and our nation. We offer this website as an educational and informative site that will be helpful to those of you wanting to be more active in the political process and don't know how to begin. 

There are many useful links on the pages to follow that allow you to just click to send a message to your elected officials, find an online resource, or click on a page for a group that you may want to become engaged with. Please share the website with your friends that may want the tools to become a more engaged citizen.

We also want to invite you to  join Grant County Democrats by clicking on the button below. We will work together to help make our communities better.

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Let us tell you what Arkansas Democrats believe........

Arkansas Democrats will continue to work for the farmers, clerks, cashiers, and the line workers who do the exhausting work. We believe in a strong middle class. We believe nothing is more important than building a strong future for our children, and we are working to allow our grandparents to live out their aretirement years with dignity and independence.


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